• Sanctuary of Pride 

    This sanctuary is a place of peace in the middle of hell where the most beautiful treasures of nature are gathered to constitute the most beautiful exhibition. At least, in appearance… Lucifer, the monarch of the place, is too proud to admit his weaknesses. Your goal? To bring the truth out into the open and destabilize him.

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    Lucifer is the most beautiful, the strongest and the most intelligent being that ever existed. At least, that's what himself thinks, says, and wants to make clear. He is pride and arrogance incarnate. He has an appearance, certainly, very pretty, with a dark and very soft skin, because of the attention he pays to it. He also has long, silky, shiny hair. The palace he is ruling is as much a temple dedicated to his worship.

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    Nominon is the official steward of the Sanctuary of Pride. Appointed by Lucifer himself he is surely the most powerful demon after him in the Sanctuary. He knows the Monarch very well and serves him body and soul. Nominon is proud but especially towards Lucifer: he praises Lucifer, the Heavens and the Sanctuary that has been erected. He looks down on everyone except his Master. He wears a mask all the time, but nobody knows why. When asked, he avoids the subject.

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    The Judge

    The Primordial Demons hate her from the depths of their beings, but categorically refuse to tell anyone about her, only hinting at her. If a Demon manages to escape from its Eternal Prison, it will be hunted down and destroyed by the Judge.

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    Beings of light, they belong to the same race as Lucifer originally. They all have larger or smaller wings depending on their hierarchy, and prefer to settle potential conflicts by talking rather than by violence. They live in the heavens and are most often in total harmony with each other.



    These angelic-looking creatures will appear in the Sanctuary after the player has gone into the underworld. Even though these creatures are small in size, they inflict a lot of damage and are quite strong.

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    Harmony of Nature (Hellion F)

    These demons, humans or other creatures strut gracefully around the Seraphic Baths, or bathe to show off their magnificent plastic. They are very proud and haughty (not as proud as Lucifer) and rank among the most beautiful living beings in Hell, after the Monarch of Pride himself.


    Golden Imp


    Lucifer has Imps covered entirely in gold that he displays like simple statues. For Lucifer, this was the only way to make an Imp "beautiful and useful" according to him. In reality, these Imps are in great pain inside, but since even their vocal chords are covered in gold, they have trouble making a sound loud enough to express their constant pain.


    Slave (Human M)


    These slaves are either destined to perform chores such as preparing all kinds of food for the visitors and the Jewels of Nature above in the Sanctuary and creating new statues and paintings of Lucifer; or they are destined to be tortured to death by various means, all supervised by the Cherub.

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    Celestial Guards

    The Celestial Guards are Celestial Servants with some pieces of armor. They are also equipped with weapons.







    Originally a slave, the Pride Pariah is a creature that has mutated due to his boundless Pride that has continued to grow even in the Nether. Where normally anyone's pride is shattered by the way the inhabitants of the Nether are treated, here the Pariah has drawn his power and developed a hatred for the rest of Hell, as he is belittled when his place is with Lucifer, or even... above. He possesses an inordinate strength, but does not resist for long to the blows, because of his weak constitution from living in the underworld. They will explode upon death, inflicting damage around them.