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    An NFT collection made to terrify players in The Sandbox metaverse. Enjoy your game experience with our NFT straight out from hell !

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    Mammon, Monarch of Greed

    Mammon’s palace is the most luxurious place in Hell. His collection of powerful demons and exquisite treasures is now open to everyone!

    Bastion of Apathy

    Belphegor, Monarch of Sloth

    The abandoned bastion of Belphegor is full of dust, cobwebs, unfinished paintings, eaten dishes. Behind the spiders and flies, hide fabulous objects. You can now acquire his collection of blooding pieces and magnificent treasures !

    Purgatory of Gluttony

    Beelzebub, Monarch of Gluttony 


    Welcome to excess and opulence. Do you know hunger? The painful hollow in the belly and the gurgles? Here, nobody knows that.


    In this dungeon, everyone is bathed in huge dishes, morbid obesity and blood. Some families of imps have been serving lunch to their bosses for generations. No doctor has measured Beelzebub's cholesterol levels for over 100 years, he devoured them to the last. Will you end up cooked and ingested by Beelzebub? Here is what awaits you if you enter the purgatory of gluttony.

    Sanctuary of Pride

    Lucifer, Monarch of Pride

    Lucifer is the most beautiful, the strongest and the most intelligent being that ever existed. At least, that's what himself thinks, says, and wants to make clear. He is pride and arrogance incarnate. He has an appearance, certainly, very pretty, with a dark and very soft skin, because of the attention he pays to it. He also has long, silky, shiny hair. The palace he is ruling is as much a temple dedicated to his worship.