• Forsaken Hamlet

    Forsaken Hamlet 

    The demon of this hamlet is capable of causing violent disputes and deadly discord. Will you get out of here in one piece?

    Hell Diggers game nft metaverse TheSandBox hacknslash


    Once alive and well, Raum was condemned to the underworld after her death to relive the same sin she has always lived by. A demoness and queen of ruin, she is capable of creating strong bonds between individuals, but above all of destroying human dignity and bringing to ruin all that exists around her. Having built her hamlet to gather lonely souls around her and surround herself with a community, fleeing her fear of abandonment and loneliness, she cannot help but instill doubt, deception and conflict between individuals as soon as they turn away from her. Now locked away in her crypt, she has cursed the island so that no one can escape.

    Hell Diggers game nft metaverse TheSandBox hacknslash

    Soul of Discord

    A scary lone rider who prowls around, attacking strangers on sight. He is an envoy of Raum, who makes sure that arguments are kept going and that everyone's isolation is preserved. A voice warns us that death is coming for us if we get too close to him...

    Hell Diggers game nft metaverse TheSandBox hacknslash

    Lost Imp

    Disoriented and completely emaciated imps. They've been around too long and don't know what they are, who they are or where they are.