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    Developed by Zero Games Studios, Hell Diggers is a hack 'n' slash taking place in a dark fantasy world. The Hell is composed of various islands, all governed by a demonic lord. The player takes control of a Hell Digger, a powerful warrior gathered by Mammon, the Monarch of Greed, in order to collect outstanding treasures scattered in every realm of Hell.

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    Hell contains ancient demonic artefacts. These unholy items are very powerful and not affected by time. They are well guarded by powerful demons. The hell is guarded by a keeper. This entity can release a "Time Traveler" upon intruders ; A strong and invincible creature that has the ability to move through time while taking someone with them. You're summoned by a mysterious entity who created a group named the "Hell Diggers". It appears that the leader of this group is the demonic lord of greed and chaos. As a demonic lord, the Hell Digger's boss can create a thick myst to hide his servants' schemes from the keeper. It can only last for a certain amount of time before it vanishes.